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DamageMay be referred to as DMG. Damage is the hit points lost by a mon after considering the power of the attacker's move and the attacker's attack strength when it comes up against a defender's defense stat.
DPSDamage per second. It is the amount of damage divided by the seconds taken to inflict that damage. Almost universally used to compare the effectiveness of different move sets with one another as well as different species.
CDPSCycle Damage per Second. It is like DPS, except that is weighs basic and charged attacks. It is the basic attacks' damage from the full charging of the charge bar(s) plus the damage of the charge attacks from a full charge, all divided by the number of seconds this takes. With defending CDPS, an extra 2 seconds is added for each move.
DifficultyRelative difficulty in defeating a particular pokemon (acting as a raid boss) with a certain pokemon. It's a rough estimate of how many trainers are required.
EDPSEffective Damage per Second. Unlike being damage for the full cycle per second, this is how much damage is dealt out during a projected battle divided by the number of seconds that pokemon is projected to survive.
EffectivenessIn a battle, the effectiveness of one type of move against one type of pokemon can either amplify or diminish the damage an attack does.
Non-Targetted CDPSCDPS with no special weight given for the defender's defense stat, nor any factoring of type-effectiveness.
Mini-CDPSLike CDPS, except instead of full charge bars, it is the CDPS is you only go to first charge and immediately use a charge attack.
NRGShort for energy. The more energy a basic move generates, the faster a charged attack can be launched. The less energy a charged attack requires, the sooner it can be launched.
PowerSometimes referred to as PWR. Each move has power independent of the pokemon it is assigned to. How much damage it will ultimately cause depends on the attacker's attack strength and the defender's defense stat.
PPEPower Per Energy. How much power a move exerts per energy required. Only used for charged moves.
PPSPower Per Second. How much power a move exerts per second. Pokemon with higher attack will cause more damage with any given move.
PvEPlayer versus Environment. This pertains to gym and raid battles.
PvPPlayer versus Player. This pertains to trainer battles.